About Us

clientuploads/images/About-Us01.jpgOn Oct. 29, 1928 a father-son team in Jacksonville, FL, founded American Coolair Corporation, now a leading manufacturer of ventilation products. What began as our small factory operation would, within the next few decades, flourish with the help of manufacturers’ representatives and salesmen. Sales and markets for American Coolair fan systems increased rapidly.

Harry Graves Sr., was the third generation of Graves to manage American Coolair, and the catalyst who built the company to its current status. He oversaw the finances and revolutionized the sales system. He devised the inventory control and bill of material clientuploads/images/About-Us02.jpgsystems upon which our current computer-controlled operating system is based. By moving the company to a building with 110,000 sq. ft. of office and manufacturing space in the 1960’s, he consolidated the business and administration under one roof.

In the 70’s, American Coolair’s product lines became more extensive, and the markets in which we competed broadened to include agricultural and horticultural. Today, American Coolair supplies ventilation products in commercial, industrial, agricultural and horticultural markets throughout the world. As the company continues to upgrade and replace manufacturing techniques and equipment, our customers continue to enjoy extraordinary value at the best possible price.

Harry Graves Sr. secured American Coolair’s future by teaching his children what he knew. Now, Harry Jr., Robert B., and Sara have become the fourth generation leaders from the Graves family, cementing the family’s successful tradition.

Today’s Coolair products are fabricated in a 210,000 sq. ft. manufacturing complex by employees who value economy and efficiency. Each ventilation system and accessory is crafted with quality materials for durable wear and low maintenance.

American Coolair continues to design, manufacture, sell, and service ventilation products and accessories with one goal in mind: to remain the market leader by providing the best, most cost-efficient ventilation products available anywhere.


American Coolair thrives through
90 years and four generations.
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