American Coolair Corp. Develops Hooded Power Roof Ventilators

Published Tuesday, May 12, 2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (May 11, 2015) — American Coolair Corp. has expanded the PBH, PEBH, and PSBH Hooded Power Roof Ventilator lines to include new, larger hooded power roof ventilators for commercial and industrial use.

American Coolair’s PBHX and PEBHX fans are designed to continuously move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently in exhaust applications, while PSBHX fans effectively supply fresh make up air.

These belt-driven hooded power roof ventilators range in size from 48 inches to 60 inches. Licensed by AMCA for sound and air performance, these units move air between 21,000 to 45,500 cubic feet per minute. All models are also UL 705 rated. 

PBHX hooded power roof ventilators feature a galvanized steel hood with reinforced die-formed steel propeller blades, and feature Coolair’s unique bearing and shaft assembly which gives the bearings an L10 life rating exceeding 300,000 hours. Various industrial coatings are available for harsh environments.

Founded in 1928, American Coolair Corporation is a manufacturer of ventilation and evaporative cooling systems for the poultry, swine, dairy, greenhouse and golf industries.  American Coolair also produces axial, centrifugal, high temperature and mixed flow fans for commercial, industrial, and restaurant applications. For more information, call 904-389-3646, write P.O. Box 2300, Jacksonville, FL 32203, or e-mail: