American Coolair Corp.ís Certified Internal Lab Speeds Up Fan Certification Process

Published Monday, April 6, 2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (April 6, 2015) — American Coolair Corp. has an Air Movement and Control Association, Int’l (AMCA) accredited on-site laboratory, which streamlines product certification during the development process. This lab is also used for developing and testing ventilation products that are certified through the University of Illinois’ BESS Lab’s program for agricultural products.

The AMCA Laboratory Accreditation Program provides a way for laboratories to be accredited for testing of products in accordance with appropriate AMCA standard test methods and other test methods recognized by AMCA. With its accredited lab, American Coolair can test fans of every model and size using AMCA standard methods and certify the performance of those products. Only products that pass these stringent tests and requirements can bear AMCA performance seals.

“By investing in the in-house lab, we know our fans perform like we expect,” American Coolair Harry Graves said. “In a competitive marketplace, we are able to get new fans to our customers more quickly.”

Certified product lines are subject to AMCA recheck tests periodically to ensure consistent performance standards.

American Coolair reapplies for AMCA Internal Lab accreditation every three years. To reaccredit the lab, AMCA randomly selects a licensed fan model and tests this fan at its independent laboratory. AMCA’s results are then compared with the American Coolair Laboratory’s performance test results of the same fan to ensure accuracy.

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