American Coolair Introduces Line of Energy Saver Motors

Published Monday, October 21, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Oct. 21, 2019) — American Coolair has developed a line of electrically commutated Energy Saver motor powered fans.

Energy Saver motors allow for precise control of air movement systems, while operating at a fraction of the cost of conventional permanent split capacitor (PSC) direct drive motors and even belt-drive units.

With ability to control the motor manually, and an option to automate control based on system performance, American Coolair’s Energy Saver motors are a compliment to today’s lean building design.

The line of ESM fans includes CRDA Direct Drive Domed Centrifugal Power Roof Ventilators, CUDA Direct Drive Upblast Centrifugal Power Roof Ventilators, SQDA Direct Drive Centrifugal In-Line Duct Fan,
CWDA Direct Drive Centrifugal Wall Fans, CDU Direct Drive Wall Fans and CDC Direct Drive Wall Fans.

Not only do Energy Saver motors have a higher efficiency, they maintain that efficiency even as the motor load is reduced with slower fan speeds.

Testing has shown that at 75 percent of the nameplate motor speed, the Energy Saver motor provides for a 40 percent energy savings over a comparable belt-drive unit, and a 60 percent savings over a PSC motor. At 50 percent of full speed, a 60 percent savings over belt-drives, and an 80 percent savings over PSC motors is realized.

The electrically commutated Energy Saver motor is a brushless DC motor. The internal electronics of the motor convert standard single-phase AC line power into DC power, without the need for any external inverter or variable frequency drive device.

Centrifugal and axial units powered by Energy Saver motors provide the versatility and low maintenance requirements and fan efficiencies. All Energy Saver motors can be controlled down to 20 percent of the nameplate speed. This means a 1,750 RPM motor can operate at any speed between 350 and 1,750 RPM. That’s a 60 percent greater RPM range than what is capable for a PSC motor. Engineered to exacting standards, Energy Saver motors will provide you with years of trouble-free, economical service.

Energy Saver motors are currently available in 1/4 HP, 1/2 HP, and 1 HP. American Coolair is developing additional sizes and voltages.

Founded in 1928, American Coolair Corporation is a manufacturer of ventilation and evaporative cooling systems for the poultry, swine, dairy, greenhouse and golf industries. American Coolair also produces axial, centrifugal, high temperature and mixed flow fans for commercial, industrial, and restaurant applications. For more information, call 904-389-3646, write P.O. Box 2300, Jacksonville, FL 32203, or e-mail: