American Coolair Develops VAD Fans

Published Tuesday, January 12, 2021

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Jan. 12, 2021) — American Coolair’s VAD fans are designed for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

The new VAD fans are available in 12-inch to 48-inch models with an airflow range of 955 to 36,396 cubic feet per minute depending on the size.

The high-pressure efficiency permits the fans to be installed anywhere in the ducted system and in any position. The fans can be used in either supply air mode or exhaust mode by simply turning the entire unit to move air in the desired direction.

The fans are extremely compact and work well where space is limited. They can be mounted directly to the ductwork. As a result of very close tolerances and carefully matched vanes and rotors, the fans offer exceptional performance across their size ranges.

Coolair’s VAD fans feature a rolled steel casing with a formed steel vane section. Both the steel casing and vane section are coated with an oven baked powder epoxy paint. The vane section also serves as the motor mount for the fan, and the cast aluminum rotor is mounted directly to the motor shaft. This direct drive arrangement provides years of maintenance-free service. The fans come standard with heavy-gauge welded fan brackets for ease of handling and mounting the fan.

Founded in 1928, American Coolair produces axial, centrifugal, high temperature and mixed flow fans for commercial, industrial, and restaurant applications. American Coolair Corporation is also a manufacturer of ventilation and evaporative cooling systems for the poultry, swine, dairy, and greenhouse industries. For more information, call 904-389-3646, write P.O. Box 2300, Jacksonville, FL 32203, or e-mail: for commercial and industrial applications.