Agricultural Products
  • AL-54   - Our AL-54 fans in use at a large greenhouse laboratory. 

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  • In-House Loading Fans  - This In-House Loading fan is a specialty product, fabricated by Air Solutions ( using American Coolair's Hot Dip Galvanized, High Velocity 36'' Tube-Axial fan.
When using these fans, some users have reported an 85% decrease in bird loss while catching. These fans are also suitable for any application that requires high volume, portable cooling.

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  • PTFB Fans Creating Positive Pressure  - These 30 inch PTFB Power Tube fans create positive pressure in this tomato growing greenhouse to keep bugs away from the plants. These fans are being used in conjunction with our evaporative cooling systems to optimize the greenhouse environment.
The custom white paint job helps the fans blend in with all of the other greenhouse components. 

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